I’m in Love!

Bluebird flying

Are you in love?

Ohmygosh! I am! Who woulda thunk?!

How about you? You in Love?

Maybe you feel you’re too young or too old. Maybe you don’t have time for love or you’re already in love. That sweet, old song is true, “love can come and tap you on the shoulder, some starless night…”. It’s true! I thought I was callus, not interested in any new love. But wow! There he was!


He sat so still. He seemed be waiting for me to notice him. And then when I did, my heart jumped for joy. Really. (I always thought that was just an expression, but it really happens sometimes.)

He sat longer. Patiently. It seemed like he knew my eyes were drinking him in. He was magnificent. I thought briefly about getting my phone and taking a picture. This IS the 2000’s, ya know. We take pics of everything, right?

But no. Not this time.. I didn’t want to move. I didn’t want to take my eyes off him- what if he left again? He was so sweet and beautiful. I hadn’t seen him in years! And here he was… back again! (Obviously, I did take pictures. Lots of them! I’m still taking pictures.)

I’ve seen him every day for weeks now. He’s on the fence, on the planter, in the crepe myrtle, on the bluebird box. On the bluebird box?! That means he’s moved back in and yes! I’ve even seen his spouse inside the box.

Bluebird on house

Seeing them makes me so happy. The bluebird of happiness. Yes! He does bring happiness.

And that’s who I’m in love with!

This spring has brought me birds like never before. It seems they’re here in my little yard just to remind me of God’s love. I see each one as a gift. Although I have to admit I have favorites, each of them is a sweet gift. The bluebirds. The cardinal family. Robins like crazy! (LOTS of robins!) Sparrows, of course. Chickadees, oh yes. Silly little house wrens. Even the hummingbird has been around- back again this year after a years long absence. (I need to clean out the feeder! Put out the nectar! I want to encourage Mr. Hummer to stay awhile!) All I need now is for the yellow finches, who came when we first moved here, to come back! THAT would be a miracle I think.

Last week, I sat outside finishing my tea, enjoying the breeze and birds’ singing. It was lovely. The bluebird came and chatted with me for a moment. I watched the breeze blowing the newly greened trees against a bright blue sky.

Suddenly I realized something was different. There was an OPPOSUM making its fat way slowly along the top of the fence. It came from the back corner and seemed to be making its way toward the bluebird house. UGH! I’ve never seen one so close-up. It didn’t scare me so much as make me mad!

Opossum on fence

I yelled and clapped my hands, it wasn’t fazed.

I threw pinecones. No response.

Finally, I found a good-sized rock, prayed it would make contact and… it did! Finally, that got the ‘possum’s attention and it slowly, slowly, slowly turned around and made its way back long the fence. UGH. Now we need to find a way to get rid of the thing! It was big and fat and there’s no need for it to be in my yard! I’m so glad I was outside to see that thing. It is not welcome. Colin says it’s part of the bio-sphere and so it is. It’s just not going to be part of our yard’s bio-sphere!

Meanwhile, the birds seem unconcered about the unwelcome visitor.

Bluebird couple

Cardinal on railing

And I’ve gone back to simply enjoying the bird-drama. Lord and Lady Bluebird definitely have a family getting ready to hatch in their house. The Cardinal Family has been busy “chick, chick, chick-ing” around the yard. I haven’t found their home yet though.

The other day, the Blues and the Reds seemed to be having a bit of a border dispute- both in the same bush, close to the Blue’s house. The Blues won. Red moved on.

And so, life goes on. Challenges and victories come and go. Meanwhile God gives us these small, but glorious, blessings to encourage us along the way. To me, birds are the salt and pepper of everyday life. They give us joy. They cheer us up.

Thanks be to God that I am in love – again.

Thanks be to God for His everyday blessings!


I’d love for you to share your everyday blessings in the comments below. Life is hard and it’s the little things that make it bearable. God is always with us even though we don’t always recognize Him there. Seeing the bluebird, enjoying the coffee, noticing a child’s laughter. These are the spices. These are the important things.

Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing your little gifts.

Many blessings…. Until next time!