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Hi Family and Friends!

I want to share something special:

Anna McAuley has just released Cessation, the final book in her Continuing Forever Trilogy.

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We are blessed with 11 grands and each of them is indeed grand in her/his own way. Nine of those eleven are girls! Anna, our #2 granddaughter, was born just 4 months after Granddaughter #1. They are both beautiful and smart and kind and thoughtful and compassionate and could successfully run the world- especially if they did it together! Each and every one of our grandchildren is uniquely talented in her/his own way and each is kind and giving and thoughtful and compassionate… And I love each one with all my heart.

This is about Anna, though.

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About three years ago, she decided she was going to write a trilogy. Not just a book, but three of them, all connected to each other! That is a really big undertaking! By the time she graduated high school this spring, having earned half the needed credits toward her Associate Degree, she had published the first two books in her Trilogy. Shortly after graduation, she spent a month on a mission trip in Guatemala. She is a great cook and raised funds for her trip baking goodies! (When she was about 8 or 10, together with a few cousins and friends, she had a cupcake business.) She is a hard worker and has a great can-do attitude! This week, she launched Book Three, Cessation. I could not be prouder!

Anna is the person who inspired me to begin blogging. Blogging since she was 11, this young woman has vision and perseverance! Sometimes the blog was a list, other times she shared her photos. Still other times, she would share short stories she wrote. Seeing what she was doing so beautifully, really challenged me to give it a try (and no, I do not hold a candle to her writing skills!). I love the community of other young bloggers that Anna attracted and/or connected with.

I am so impressed. Although not a big sci-fi fan, she hooked me within the first couple of pages. How she managed to think of a plot and characters to carry that plot and develop the characters into real people with whom you can relate is amazing to me. She worked out each step of the plot, adding plots within the plot and then added the science-fiction on top of all that!

Continuing Forever, the first book, is well-paced and left me anxious for an entire year!! She ended it with an impossible situation and I thought about it often- could hardly wait for Book Two!

Book Two, Infiltration, added plot twists and more impossible circumstances and more questions! I couldn’t imagine how in the world Anna would be able to bring all these things to a satisfying conclusion. But she did it- in Cessation, Book Three!

I think Anna’s books are really well-done. You’ll have to remind yourself that these are the first books from a teen writer! They can safely be read by pre-teens as well as teens- something that’s getting harder and harder to find. I enjoyed them tremendously- as an older adult. The books are aimed at the Young Adult population, of course, but I was not bored. If you’re looking for a good series for your pre-teen/teen daughter or son, niece or nephew, this is it!

All three books are available from You can find them by searching on “Continuing Forever, Anna McAuley”.

Check them out! I believe you’ll really enjoy them!

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Pouring Grey/End Beginning

Shelter of His Wings detail

Pouring rain, Monday grey.

It should be the name of a paint color, obviously, a grey one.

Monday morning was not just grey. Monday morning was pouring rain- like despair, like unloading all the burdens the clouds have held for too long. Like Jesus telling me- yet again- “give Me what troubles you, pour out what’s bothering you. I have truly already taken the troubles.  It’s you who is holding onto them go.”

But this Monday morning, in spite of pouring grey, my heart was not feeling burdened. I’d listened to praise and worship music, joined the singing. I was a bit pensive. But not burdened. Not angry.

And I kind of enjoyed the rain, a good way to end the month. Washing away the dust.

End of month, beginning again. (Maybe the title of a Country Western song.) Hard to believe the speed these month fly with.

I started with the bah-humbug thinking:  “…another month flown past and nothing accomplished- again. I’m too old to let these months zip away without producing anything! I have too many ideas, too many dreams!”. But the Holy Spirit stopped me and reminded me that I put dinner on the table X times, bought groceries (was ABLE to buy groceries!), kept girls, helped them start another school year. I began helping a friend re-write the insert and I made progress (though very little) on my on-line course. No, I didn’t blog. Or even write a note to a friend. But I painted during worship several times and I created the feather picture (In the Shelter of His Wings). Emily helped with that. She made her own smaller version. I was able to catch-up with friends over lunch, several times. We celebrated the Fourth of July with the kids at their Annual 4th of July Bash, complete with amazing fireworks. We were able to welcome Anna home from her month-long mission trip. And we took them hot dogs and Oreos for lunch when Mom and Dad were away. (While the cat’s away…. *wink*). I’ve kept plants alive through summer heat and done my fair share of laundry. I think I might have even vacuumed a few times! AND- ta da! – It’s still July and I’m publishing today. First time since May! So, I have done some stuff this month, after all. It’s just not what I expected.

Even though it’s the end of the month and the moon is full (or maybe because the moon is full?), I’m making another beginning. A quote my sis and I love (“It’s never too late to start the day over!”) applies to a month, too, don’t you think? Even starting over at the end!

I wonder about much but I give up- let go and let God! I am absolutely sure that I cannot. On the other hand, I’m totally certain He is able. Have it all, Lord!

How was your day? Rainy? Sunny?

Are you carrying burdens you need to pour onto God? Or are you free and breezy today?

And hey! If you’re not ready to begin at the end, tomorrow is the beginning of another month, the perfect time to begin- even begin again!

(Photo: detail, In the Shelter of His Wings, 2018)

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